My name is Ngawang "Ancy" Choden, and I was born in India as an exiled Tibetan. Tibet is a nation with about 6 million people and is located on a very high plateau - often referred to as the "The Roof of the World".

In 1949 Chinese forces began invading Tibet. By 1959 most of the cultural and religious leaders of Tibet were killed or imprisoned, and thousands of Tibetans were forced to escape to the neighboring countries of India and Nepal. My parents are among those refugees. They still live in India in hopes of being able to return to a free Tibet.

In late 1995 I came to America. I worked for several years, and then decided that my path should be to preserve and promote my cultural traditions and support Tibetan causes.

I have been the grateful owner of The Beautiful Tibet Store on Bleecker Street in New York City for seven years. In 2009 this site was launched to introduce customers across the globe to this colorful, vibrant and charming world of arts and crafts. I hope you enjoy this website and thank you for your support.